Big Mike Interviews Mobbin101 on “The Drip Segment

Written by: Julz Mancini

Many artists can pinpoint when their love for music flourished. Mobbin101 explained that he comes from a family of music royalty. Being surrounded by music assisted him in developing his own sound. It was apparent throughout the interview that the talented artist’s work ethic is unmatched as he has built his music foundation and team from the ground up.

Big Mike stated, “I can go outside right now and throw a rock at a tree and a rapper will fall out. What do you feel separates you from the rest?” Mobbin101 answered confidently stating that no one will outwork him. He continued to elaborate, mentioning that he comes from a sports background and music is the same…a game. He made it blatantly obvious that he is competitive and knows his worth as an artist.

Mobbin101 had a very strong message for other artists seeking a career in music. “No snitching and make sure your team is solid from the ground up.” Big Mike agreed, explaining that foundation is the most crucial component when building a team, especially in music. “You and your team are coming together very well to market you as an artist”, Big Mike exclaimed. The viewer could hear Big Mike also mention that branding is key.

Within the music industry there are fundamental necessities in which artists must acquire and utilize if they plan on reaching success. Mobbin101 is a prime example of an artist who has all of the pertinent puzzle pieces to bring his career to the next level. Mobbin101 also mentioned that he has new music out and is currently working on his music video! Be sure to follow him on social media @mobbinmosthated2 and click the link in his bio to stream his music!

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