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Brian C. Burton is an Actor, Mentor, Educator and Entrepreneur. Born in Rochester, NY and raised in the city of Winter Haven, FL. Burton received a Master of Science Degree in Business from Full Sail University located in Winter Park, FL. He also attended

one of the HBCUs most prestigious institutions, Florida A&M University (FAMU) where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology with a Minor Degree in Psychology. These degrees would further expand his educational teachings and training while attending FAMU located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Although Burton is well educated, he sought after one of the most difficult careers to pursue; becoming an A-List Actor in the world of TV & Film. His career on Tv started in 2011 when he was featured throughout the well-known reality show series, VH1’s Basketball Wives. In 2015, he landed his first featured appearance on hit Tv series, HBO Ballers and in 2018, landed his first leading role in feature film, “Between The Sheets”. Since landing his first leading role, Brian has appeared in various movie and Tv projects including, BET’s “New Edition Movie”, feature film “Chocolate City 3”, ABC’s “Scandal” & “Castle”, as well as appearing in NFL and ESPN commercials. In 2021, he was featured in a supporting role for feature film, “Gangland the Musical”, which aired on the Starz Tv network.

Not only is Brian C Burton well acclimated in the film industry, he has also taken on several entrepreneurial and entertainment business projects, with the roles of executive leadership, artist management, marketing and promotions. Burton is also the owner and founder of his very own entertainment and film production company. His newest business entity is set to launch Fall of 2022 with the production of his first executive producer role in a Tv series.

Overall, Burton strives for nothing but to give his best work in accomplishing successful projects and a prosperous career. As Brian C. Burton continues to work and perfect his career, he hopes that his love and dedication will inspire others to have a love for their craft and stop at nothing in pursuing their dreams.


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