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Conrandfrmdaave//Exclusive Interview

Written by Bigwork Magazine

Pretty Pockets, kicks off the conversation by asking Conrad how he's been, and he responds that he's been good, raising his two-year-old baby. He admits that having a baby has shifted his focus and made him more mindful of his responsibilities as a father.

The conversation then moves on to Conrad's start in the rap game. He reveals that he started rapping while he was in prison in 2012, and that he had been writing rhymes even before then. After his release, he started taking his craft more seriously, getting into the studio and recording his own music.

When Pretty Pockets asks Conrad if he writes his own lyrics, he confirms that he does, but adds that he hasn't written a song in years, preferring to freestyle in the studio. He describes the feeling of affirmation that he experienced when his song "Vintage & Adventurous" took off and became a hit, and how it made him realize that he had been doing the right thing by pursuing his passion.

Pretty Pockets then asks Conrad if there are any songs that he had put his heart into but that didn't quite hit the way he expected. Conrad admits that he puts his all into every song, so every time a song doesn't perform as well as he hoped, he feels disappointed. But he wouldn't necessarily want to re-release any of those songs, as he's always focused on creating new and better music.

Finally, Pretty Pockets asks Conrad about his creative process and what he does to get in the zone. Conrad reveals that he writes most of his music at home and then goes to the studio to record it. He also talks about the importance of confidence in his craft, and how he always tries to rap with a sense of certainty and self-assurance, no matter what. Overall, the interview gives us a glimpse into the mind of an up-and-coming rapper who is dedicated to his craft and passionate about his music.

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