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Travis Fords Gives Us The Real Scoop On his Business Ventures

The interview featured Travis Ford, a talented musician hailing from South Central, Los Angeles. Hosted by 5Staxx on YouTube, it was conducted for BigWork Magazine.

The interview featured Travis Ford, a talented musician hailing from South Central, Los Angeles. Hosted by 5Staxx on YouTube, it was conducted for BigWork Magazine.

Travis Ford opens the interview with his signature introduction, showcasing his ability to turn challenges into triumphs, referencing his past street life and transformation in the music industry.

He acknowledges that his image initially revolved around the gangster lifestyle, but he recognized the need for change in order to succeed in the music business. Travis shares his realization that the industry is hesitant to embrace the real-life gang-related content due to concerns about its impact on young listeners.

Travis Ford talks about his experience with different labels, including collaborations with artists such as Soulja Boy, Jada, and Compton AV. He acknowledges the necessity of adapting and making changes in order to align with the industry's demands and secure his bag (financial success).

The conversation delves deeper into the changes Travis had to make in his career, including criticisms he faced regarding his business methods. He candidly admits that, coming from the streets, he initially struggled to navigate the newfound platform and sometimes prioritized financial gain over strategic decision-making. However, as time passed, he matured and learned the dos and don'ts of the industry, focusing on building a reputable brand.

Travis reflects on the current state of his career and the support system he has established. He attributes his achievements to his personal efforts and the management assistance he recently acquired from Dog Pound, a renowned company associated with rap legends like Daz Dillinger. While Travis predominantly handles his platform independently, he recognizes the need for a team at his current stage of success.

The interview concludes with Travis Ford emphasizing the importance of understanding the business aspect of the music industry and separating it from personal pleasures. He highlights the challenges faced by street-oriented artists, stating that major labels are often hesitant to invest in them due to concerns about legal troubles and violence. However, Travis notes that such labels still enjoy watching street-related content go viral on platforms like YouTube.

The conversation briefly touches upon the influence of firearms on the culture, referencing the differences between the South and the West Coast. Travis shares his connection to Houston, where he spent significant time, and how it has influenced his music style.

The interview wraps up with Travis discussing his recent distribution deal with Dog Pound, emphasizing the importance of collaborating with reputable companies and legendary figures like Daz Dillinger. He expresses excitement about combining platforms and the potential for their joint success.

Travis Ford ends the interview with his famous last words, expressing his belief in Jesus Christ and referencing his religious upbringing by his grandmother, who is a preacher.

The host, 5Staxx, expresses gratitude to Travis for sharing his insights and concludes the interview by encouraging all young entrepreneurs, regardless of race, to keep striving for success despite the presence of haters. He signs off with his catchphrase, highlighting his role as the "promo king" and his dedication to delivering timely and impactful promotions

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